What type of stays does Interlude House provide?

We provide short term stays from 1-night minimum to 14-day stays.

How many guests can stay in an Interlude House?

Our spaces accommodate 1-6 guests depending on number of bedroom and sleeping areas.

Do units include towels, soap, toilet paper?


Do you provide toiletries?

All spaces provide basic toiletries including hand soap, body soap, shampoo & conditioner.

Are stores close from any interlude House?

Yes. Our spaces are all within walking or short driving distance to stores, markets, restaurants etc.

What type of amenities do you offer?

Amenities will vary depending on the space and location. Some amenities include private balconies, rooftop lounges, fitness centers, and private parking to name a few.

How do you access homes?

Guests will receive a personal keyless code to access building and unit.

How to get in touch?

Our host line is available 24/7 or via messaging app.

Do you allow filming/production work?

Yes, and will be approved on a case by case basis.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, we welcome pets for an additional pet fee.

Are you kid friendly?

Yes, we welcome children. However, some of our spaces may not be suitable for young children.

What kind of products do you use?

We use commercial grade sanitation and disinfectant products in our spaces.

Are you eco friendly/sustainable?

We’re currently looking into using eco-friendly environmentally green products for our spaces.

What isn't allowed/forbidden in Interlude Houses?

Parties, events or large gatherings are not allowed in our spaces.

Are parties allowed?


How many guests do Interlude Homes accommodate?

Guests outside of the reservation are limited and vary based on the space accommodations.

Do you have quiet times? If yes, what are they?

Yes, quiet time is from 10pm - 9am.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is not allowed in the spaces and/or buildings.

Are the homes private? What is your privacy policy?

All of our space are for private use and are not shared. We disclose in our listing description that noise monitors are placed in each unit, however there are no cameras inside of our spaces.